ExerStartPhysical inactivity is a primary contributor to decreased functional physical fitness and the increase in chronic diseases in older adults. In 2014, Oasis led a study which assessed the health-related benefits of ExerStart for Lay Leaders, a 20-week, community based, peer-led, low-impact exercise program for older adults. ExerStart focuses on aerobic endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and balance. Using a pre/post-test evaluation design, Oasis examined the effects of the program on 432 older adults living in St. Louis, Missouri, and Houston, Texas. Participants completed self-report surveys as well as observed functional physical fitness assessments via the Senior Fitness Test. Results showed that participants in the ExerStart for Lay Leaders program significantly improved their perceived satisfaction with body function, functional physical fitness, perceived overall health, and body mass index. This study added to the evidence that older adults benefit from structured, peer-led exercise programs. The increased physical fitness, if maintained, may lead to a decrease in falls, adult obesity, and nursing home placements. This research also had important implications for implementing outcome-based and cost-effective health education programs for older adults, including using peer leaders as a cost reduction technique to implement and disseminate research informed programs into community settings (Danilea Werner, James Teufel & Stephen L. Brown (2014) Evaluation of a Peer-Led, Low-Intensity Physical Activity Program for Older Adults, American Journal of Health Education, 45:3, 133-141).